“Katie’s ability to ‘figure out’ a horse almost instantly is uncanny. She has a natural talent for helping horses and their riders meet their full potential. I’ve ridden with Katie for more than two years and she has always been supportive, flexible and willing to help me out whenever I need it.” ~ Suzannah E.

Gus Jumping

“Katie has taken me from an ignorant, scared-to-death-of-XC-and-dressage amateur to a confident, capable rider. She has an amazing eye for detail and can pinpoint the slightest thing I am doing wrong and help me correct it to improve both myself and my horse’s way of going. Both of my horses were scoring in the high 40s/50s when I bought them; now, they are winning at Novice and Connor is placing well at Training, thanks in large part to Katie’s guidance.” ~Lisa Warnock

“I was just about to give up riding competitively when I discovered Katie. With a difficult horse, and age working against me, the fun had just gone out of competing. Katie’s down to earth, adult friendly, systemic teaching style helped me get back on track and remind my why I loved riding so much.
Once again, thanks to Katie, I enjoy riding my horses again and can again confidently jump whatever she puts in front of me! For an adult, that feeling is priceless.” – Michael Hillman

trip at home 5“I am an older, beginning rider with a young, strong and sort-of-green horse–not the best combo for a trainer. Katie identified our position problems and focused on these using some very unique methods. She also explained the mechanics of these problems so I could work on them on my own. We saw results right away, most noticeably in his canter.” Kristin Perry

“Katie is an excellent instructor! She has an great eye for making the smallest adjustments to my riding and position that lend to huge impacts. She also really tunes into your horse’s individual personality and skill level – never pushing him too far but just enough to show consistent improvement each lesson. I love that she takes my horse for what he is, never making me feel like he’s not good enough or I could find better. I always walk away from our lessons feeling positive about myself, my horse and our achievements. That’s hard to come by in an instructor these days and I’m very grateful to be lucky enough to have one of the best!”
Kristen Cochran Motz