Space for ship-ins

We have some space for ship-ins at my farm in Middletown, MD!

I pride myself on providing personalized instruction tailored to each rider’s goals and abilities across multiple disciplines, including eventing, jumpers, hunters, and dressage. Whether you’re a beginner venturing into the equestrian world or a seasoned competitor seeking fresh insights, I love helping horse and rider pairs work towards their goals!

Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information!

Stablemates Saddlery

We love having Stablemates Saddlery around the corner! Support local tack shops! Supporting your local tack store like Stablemates Saddlery isn’t just about buying horse gear; it’s about investing in your equestrian community. They offer personalized service, expert advice, and a sense of belonging that you can’t find online. Next time you need tack or supplies, consider visiting Stablemates and experience your local equestrian community firsthand.

PIOMA Performance Fitness

As riders, it’s crucial to view ourselves as athletes. Our fitness and well-being affect not only our own performance but also our horse’s welfare. I prioritize gym sessions to improve stability and flexibility, ensuring I’m doing my part for my horses. Pilates at PIOMA Performance Fitness run by fellow equestrians, is one of my favorite choices for tailored workouts.


I really cannot say enough wonderful things about MVP. Not only are their supplements great, but most of them come in several different variations.

If you’d like to try them for yourself, purchase a 2 month supply of one of the products listed and you will also receive an additional 1 month supply for FREE. You must call in your order to 833-809-4848, or write my name in the COMMENT section at check out to receive this discount.

Medica Veterinary Products

Winter doesn’t halt skin irritations for horses! Combat the winter skin issues with Medica Veterinary Products – my go-to solution. It’s pure magic in a bottle, delivering incredible results for soothing and restoring their skin. Keep your horses comfortable and happy even in the coldest months!

The first picture is from February 5, and the second one is from this past weekend, you can see the hair has already started growing.