MVP isn’t just for my competition horses- everyone in the barn benefits from these incredible supplements. AirWay EQ offers daily support for respiratory function, promoting healthy soft tissue and a natural immune response to seasonal allergies.

Airways EQ from MVP

Airways EQ from MVP has been remarkable for our horses! Even our most sensitive ones that are prone to seasonal allergies; have thrived since starting Airways EQ. One of the best things about it? It’s completely show legal! Unlike other supplements, this can be fed during competition, offering uninterrupted support on course. Say goodbye to interrupted routines and hello to continuous support for your horses!

Old Tavern Horse Trials

Huge congrats to Allyson Thomas for her fantastic top ten finish with Queen of the North in the Senior Training Rider at Old Tavern Horse Trials!

As for Grateful Heart and me, we were also at Old Tavern, but I have to be honest – rider error kept us out of the ribbons. Grateful was an absolute rockstar, and I, well, let’s just say I made a mistake and took the open gallop distance into a tough combo. I’m so angry with myself- but the silver lining is that this mare continued to jump her heart out the rest of the weekend and didn’t let my error fluster her. She has definitely solidified herself as an Intermediate horse! She really is so cool!

MVP Air-Way EQ supplement

MVP Air-Way EQ supplement has been a game-changer for my horses. This stuff works wonders! It’s like a breath of fresh air for their respiratory health. I’ve seen their performance improve, and they’re more comfortable overall. Big shoutout to MVP for creating a supplement that truly makes a difference.