The Maryland Summer #2 Horse Trials

Katie Wherley Equestrian had several students compete and do well this past weekend at The Maryland Summer #2 Horse Trials. Here are their results:

-Angie Francart with Blue Cliff finished 15th in the Open Training-C division. This pair only added a little time on cross-country to their dressage score, which is awesome! Way to go Angie!

11201875_996108667087389_4226775208039555103_n-Sabrina M11028020_10153067794179366_6161613978264462524_norris with Lisa Reid’s BFF Cypher had a great run and finished 6th in the Open Novice-C division.

-Goldie Roth with Shauna were wonderful and finished 6th in the Junior Open Novice-A division.

And last but not least, Demery Schriver and her mare Athena finished 10th in Open Training-E  division by only adding a little time from cross-country to their personal best dressage score!



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